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Brick Road Cuff Bracelet

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When you wear this cuff you are wearing a bit of jewelry history. 

This design was originally created by the legendary Frank Morrow Company of Providence Rhode Island.  These designs date back from the 1890's to the 1950's.  The original roll dies were made on site and carved by hand by highly skilled die makers.  From these roll dies, rolling mills would run yards worth of the printed strips in copper, brass, silver and gold.   These strips were then put on spools and sent to the many jewelry manufacturing companies in Rhode Island which was the jewelry manufacturing capital of the world at the time.  As machines became more sophisticated the handwork of highly skilled die makers started to dwindle.  The Frank Morrow Company went out of business in 2004.  The dies from all of the equipment was put into a storage facility because the owners did not want to see the dies get scrapped.  The building they were stored in was later condemmed by the city of Providence.  In 2019 a small family run die and tool company, Potter USA of Tucson, Arizona purchased the several hundred roll dies.   Today, Potter USA keeps rolling  the original artwork dies that was once made by skilled die makers to make available for artisians to use.. 

This cuff is made from a 6 inch strip of printed copper.  I sanded and formed the copper into a cuff, then added  oxidized the piece to bring out the detail.


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