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Lucky Penny Necklace



Need a little luck in your day?  Add a color pop of a lucky penny!   Even the back side is cute, showing  Abraham Lincoln and the date.  These are great gifts for graduation, birthdays, and holidays.  Also a nice good luck pendant for the college student who is studing for exams.  Everyone can use a little luck in  their life!  

This is a solid copper penny from before 1982 that I have curved, added vitreous enamel (powdered glass) and fired with a torch or kiln to 1500 degrees to melt and adhere the glass to the copper.  Only pennies dated before 1982 are made of solid copper and can withstand the heat that is required for this process. 


This Lucky Penny Pendant is 1/2 inch in diameter and hangs from an 18inch solid copper ball chain.


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